1. Bored with constant change.

2. Non-uniformity or variation in pitch, intonation, or inflection.

3. Tedious variability or change: the morphotony of nightly dreams.

[From Geek + Greek morphtonos : morph (from the geek to change), tonos (from the Greek tone.]

Project Morphotony

As of 05/01/2010 Google has exactly 0 (zero) results for the search of morphotony. There is one result for a (now defunct) ezboard posting by a (Morpho, Tony).

Doesn't morphotony seem like a perfectly fine word -- or at least like a word? Given the trillions of documents on the world wide web, it sure seems like there should be at least one reference to morphotony. Just typing the random letters "jfksdjf" into a google search gave me 7 webpages and 24 images.

So to have zero reference to morphotony struck me as a glorious opportunity. And so we have "Project Morphotony".

Without spending one penny, nor one dime, nor dollars, nor euros, nor any other form of currency we shall see just how many references to the word morphotony we can generate.

If you wish to participate, please do. You can use the handy contact form to get in touch.

Be excellent to each other & Party on dudes!